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Zedakah Entertainment is an Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Media Consultancy, specialising in the provision of Business Solutions within the industry. The organisation was set up by Ayo Solarin, one of Nigeria's leading Intellectual Property Lawyers & Entertainment Consultants,alongside Princess'Deun Adedoyin-Solarin, Media/Entertainment Specialist, a member of Toast Masters International, veteran Broadcast Journalist and former host of Nigeria's leading talk show "Morning Ride" on NTA2 Channel 5.
The vision of Zedakah which in Hebrew means 'Charitable', is to Research, Promote and Foster the Education and Development of Nigerian & African Arts, Music and Culture within Nigeria and the wider African Diaspora. The main aim of Zedakah is to provide clients with Business Solutions for Services and Products that are accurate, of very high standard and on schedule. Zedakah is an organization based both in the UK and Nigeria with strong business affiliations in other parts of Africa, the Caribbean, Europe & the USA.
Zedakah's thrust is to portray Nigeria, the African Continent and the entire African Diaspora in a truthful and favourable light. As is universally acknowledged, no one can tell the story of a place or a people as well and as accurately as the main characters or actors. Therefore it is our main quest at Zedakah to forge a better and clearer understanding of the many issues that affect Nigerians and Africans both on the home front and in the wider Diaspora.
"There are stories that need to be told, Wrongs to be righted, Questions to be Answered, Matters to be explained, Claims to be made, People and Achievements to be acknowledged, Events to be celebrated, Bridges to be built and of course a Journey to be embarked secure Nigeria's & Africa's rightful place on the International Trade Stage, through the provision of expert 'INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS'!"
Zedakah has started that journey for all peoples of Nigerian and African descent including our friends and allies at home and across the globe. Zedakah aims to showcase Nigerians in particular, as they share with the world the essence of who they are and what they stand for, through the awesome medium of Creative Arts, Music, Film, Video, Television et al!
We work with a variety of clients from Individual Artists, Entertainment Companies, Corporate Bodies, Government Parastatals, Copyright Societies, to Arts Organisations etc. We provide professional Business Solutions in the areas of:-
Intellectual Property Law; Oil & Gas; Music Promotion & Exploitation; Contract Negotiations; Contract Drafting; Music Publishing; Arts Management; Copyright Licensing; Royalty Negotiations; Events Co-ordination; CD/DVD Manufacturing & Distribution; Public Speaking; Events Management; Organising Workshops & Seminars on IP, Copyright & Entertainment Business etc... Click here for TEAM ZEDAKAH >